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Creating and producing unique magazines and photo books, that are both visually stimulating and interesting to read, is a passion of mine. I have used my creativity, networking, and editing skills to create content that audiences want to read so I can ensure optimal viewership and sales. My hands-on experience includes managing the production of a monthly skateboard culture magazine, Good Times Magazine, as well as managing the production of a 300-page photo Archival Book for 1988Cal and a soon-to-be-released magazine featuring interviews with Kevin Abstract, Tyler the Creator, and several others. I have hands-on experience coordinating and conducting interviews for the magazine, writing content, selling advertisements, designing layouts, negotiating pricing, printing, securing funding, producing the final desktop and iPhone versions of the product, sales, online and street promotions, coordinating and planning public events for the magazine launches and distribution, shipping, and much more.

"CRISIS MAGAZINE" is a shortened, 108-page version of the "1988CAL: YEAR ONE" book by Tate Canyon, a 250-page book coming later this year. CRISIS is about the beginning of his brand, 1988 California with photos, videos, interviews, stories, and much more inside documented from the past three years in the bay area and Los Angeles.

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