who is tate?

Tate Canyon Lovett is an artist based out of Los Angeles, California, searching for as many creative endeavors as possible. From the young age of 10 years old growing up in the Bay Area and Sacramento, Tate has always been interested in recording anything that interested him. By his teenage years, he was able to turn his talents and interests into a business by posting his content online and marketing his viewers to buy merchandise, photography books, events, and fashion show tickets.

Canyon is now 20 years old and taking his talents to the next level by releasing his video-editing, directing, photography, clothing, design, management, web design, and all other creative endeavors to this website to showcase his work

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what the fuck is 1988?

1988 california is a multi-media based brand curated by tate lovett in berkeley, california. this website releases seasonally released clothing drops, photo collections, music videos/films, good times, the bi-monthly magazine, and more recently, a radio station. founded in 2019 by tate lovett at age 18, during a rough time, lovett was extremely stressed from the pressures of life at the moment and collapsed on the street in berkeley, california and was rushed to the hospital immediately. the only thing he was able to remember at the time was his address, 1988 california, and while still in the hospital, tate put together a new idea, a new brand, he took a few months offline, and at midnight, August 23rd, 2019, when Tate turned 19. 1988 was born.


from this point forward tate has produced an hour-long documentary, over 11 full clothing collections, 3 music videos, the return of good times magazine, a 300+ page photo-book, and a bi-monthly radio station, crisis radio. tate continues to show he’s a truly multi-faceted artist with a massive global appeal who continuously merges business, culture, and social good.


1988 California st.

Berkeley, CA 94703

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